On September 14, 2022, the Marseilles court sentenced the association “Les Guides-Conférenciers Sud-Provence” at the end of the summons procedure initiated by the secretary general of the association Mr. Cécyl Tarlier against Mr. Romain Bouchaud .

The judge reminded Mr. Tarlier that the statutes of the association do not give “any particular power to its general secretary other than that of running the association by taking charge of institutional affairs, convening meetings of the whole of the members by right by sending them the agenda and the place of the meeting and to lead the meetings in accordance with this agenda and to draw up a report validated by at least one secretary”.

It was also pointed out that despite the July 23 meeting and the various testimonies presented in the file, Mr. Cécyl Tarlier did not have “authorization to appear from this representative” given that he never held any meeting or general assembly in accordance with his duties as general secretary.

The association of “Les Guides-Conférenciers Sud-Provence”

This association was created in Marseille on January 10, 2020.

The members of the board have repeatedly alerted Cécyl Tarlier about his publications and his false comments.

Cécyl Tarlier used the Association’s site to write slanderous articles and false comments in a strategy to create traffic on the site. He was warned about his posts and his false comments written under pseudonyms but clearly identifiable. He never took into consideration the remarks of the members of the association. The illegality of the writing of false comments and the refusal to stop at the request of the members revealed the evidence of Cécyl Tarlier’s incapacity for discernment in the face of her obsession to generate ever more traffic on the site regardless of the methods.

Faux commentaires Tarlier 5
Faux commentaires Tarlier 6
Faux commentaires Tarlier 8
Faux commentaires Tarlier 9

Faux commentaires Tarlier diffusion 3
Faux commentaires Tarlier dissusion 2

However, Mr. Cécyl Tarlier always assumes his policy since he persists in flooding his websites with false opinions.

The project to transform the association into a company

On May 13, 2021 Cécyl Tarlier wanted to transform the association “Guides Sud Provence” into a company.

Cecyl Tarlier Societe Tour Guides et Guides Provence

Faced with the categorical refusal of the members of the office of the association of which he was the secretary general, Cécyl Tarlier harassed the treasurer until she resigned and then excluded Mr. Romain Bouchaud (permanent member of the office) by his own will. At the same time, Mr. Tarlier self-proclaimed President of the association.

Cécyl Tarlier also stole the work of webmaster carried out by Romain Bouchaud to create his company Guides-France.com and currently uses the association as a way to promote his entrepreneurial project by making the members of the association believe that Guides-France.com is also an associative project.